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Loud Sisters (Luna+Luan) by Mikeinel Loud Sisters (Luna+Luan) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 1,833 21
Sweet Devil!America x Reader-My Name
Sweet Devil!America x Reader-My Name
(A/n: This is a one-shot and before you read the story I just want to say that Reader can see ghosts, demons that kind of stuff but her friends can’t. I’m not sure whether to put Reader as Psychic! Or Medium! I guess)
The room was dark which only frightened you slightly. Normally the dark wouldn’t affect you that much but your friends decided to bring a Ouija board and play it. Instead of playing it at home, your friends got a hotel room. The only light in the room were candles near the board and lightening every so often. Glancing at the window, you see the rain dropping really hard. Another crackle of thunder and lightning. Holding your knees closer to your chest, you watch your friends as they giggle.
The Ouija board always seemed like a scary thing to try for you. But right now, you couldn’t even try to touch it. It gave you a dark feeling which your friends didn’t seem to sense. You felt uneasy in the inside but on
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 63 8
Reader x Demon!Canada: Monsters Are Real
"... And so, the monster escaped from its prison in the North Pole and went into the nearest human city to prey on the vulnerable..."
You yawned, and Alexia rolled her eyes, the whites of her eyes briefly catching the light shooting out from the flashlight she has placed under her chin.
"(Name), do you ever get scared?" She muttered with a heavy sigh.
Beside you, Sena was clutching a pillow to her chest; from where you sat, you could almost hear her teeth clattering.
"Monsters aren't even real."
"But they are, about a century ago, people in cities closest to the North Pole kept disappearing-"
"I bet they don't have phones to text each other, eh?" You answered sarcastically. Sena stifled a giggle under her breath.
"Does it kill you to pretend to be scared for a moment?"
"Maybe, take this!" You grabbed the pillow closest to you and threw it at Alexia.
Caught by surprise, the flashlight rolled out of  Alexia's hand. You heard the sound of pillow making contact with its target followe
:iconavalon-kore:Avalon-Kore 115 41
Hitman! Jones x Hitwoman! Reader
"So you think you can do it, da?"
"Yes sir. I will do everything I can to take "the Germans" down."
You felt the familiar yellow parchment of the assignment envelope in your hands.
"That's the kind of enthusiasm i like to see in my little sunflower."
He reached across his desk to pat your hair, ruffling it.
You laugh a little at his affection towards you. Not many people get to witness Boss Braginsky's, your father's, soft side. You were one of the few more special people.
He isn't actually your dad though (unless you're russian). He took you in from the streets when you were a very small child. At first, you were very scared of his personality and his stature, until he started calling you his sunflower. He became a father figure to you, and you began to love living with him. In the period you grew up under his care, he trained you to be a expertly trained hitman/woman. You like calling yourself an assassin, but he would constantly correct you.
:iconirislam:IrisLam 11 18
yours is yours i guess by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk yours is yours i guess :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 211 10 Scootaloo meets Papyrus by synnibear03 Scootaloo meets Papyrus :iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 26 1 Frisk meets Scootaloo by synnibear03 Frisk meets Scootaloo :iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 39 23 Sans X Scootaloo AU's by synnibear03 Sans X Scootaloo AU's :iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 83 21 What was that!? by synnibear03 What was that!? :iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 106 35 SU: Some Moi sketches by Chibi-Works SU: Some Moi sketches :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 211 13 Evil!MCYT TheFearRaiser - TheFearRuins by Kim-senpai-san Evil!MCYT TheFearRaiser - TheFearRuins :iconkim-senpai-san:Kim-senpai-san 22 2 Smol.....beans? by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk Smol.....beans? :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 274 40 Nice intro, you two by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk Nice intro, you two :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 277 29
My Favorite Puppet - Yandere!Bill Cipher x Reader
“I’ll always be watching you, love”
Those words echoed through your mind as you tiredly lay in the bed. The clock read three in the morning. Ever since the incident during Mabel’s sock puppet show, you had been seeing the dream demon everywhere in your dreams. He always floated in the back, never fully speaking or interacting with you. But he was there none the less.
It wasn’t until a week ago, did he finally speak to you, saying those words that you already knew. Even though you knew about them, that still didn’t stop you from become ridden with fear and anxiety each night as you avoided sleep. You cast a glance to your side and looked at the many empty coffee cups that decorated your bedside table. You shook as you looked frantically looked around the room once you heard a familiar echoy laugh. You sat up, eyeing every dark corner of your room before you threw the covers to the side and stood.
Your toes curled and your feet rose off the ground a li
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 357 50
Hide and Seek - Yandere!Danny Phantom x Reader
“[Your Name], where are you?” You heard Danny asked as you tightly held your hands over your mouth. Your eyes wide as you stared down at the concrete floor of the abandon factory you were hiding in. Of course you choose the most “wonderful” and “perfect” place to hide while being pursued by a love obsessed ghost that was your best friend. The best way to describe it was that you were stuck in a sick and twisted game of hide and seek. Your shoulders tensed as you heard movement close to your hiding spot.
“Well I guess since you’re not in here I’ll just have to check somewhere else” you heard him say as it soon went quiet. Quietly you peeked out from your hiding place and looked around the empty building before sighing as you moved back into your hiding place and leaned back against the stack of boxed. You close your eyes and took in slow deep breaths to calm your fast beating heart. “Found you” you snapped your eyes
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 171 17
[L8 Teen Dark Tim + Anti Sam] But why? by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk [L8 Teen Dark Tim + Anti Sam] But why? :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 227 10




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I just want to say that my helptale au isnt over and Im still goin to continue it!
But I may change the name of the au so please leave your suggestions in the comments I was thinking about Forgonttentale or mabe corruptale but im not shure yet!!!

Please leave a comment!
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